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All About Wedding Makeup

Holly Williams wedding makeup artist

All About Wedding Makeup

How to get the best wedding makeup

Holly Williams Wedding Makeup Artist

Working within the wedding industry not only do you meet lovely couples to be, you also meet some amazing wedding business owners. This month I spoke to Holly Williams an extremely talented Makeup Artist about her exciting role in your special day.

I wanted to share the interview with you and let you know Holly’s top makeup tips.

Holly, tell me a little bit about what you do

I am a professional MakeUp artist with nearly 17 years experience in the industry. I specialise in Bridal and Occasion Makeup. I also offer tuition on a 1-2-1 basis or to small groups, this makes a perfect Hen Do!


When and why did you start your business?

I became self employed in September 2011, shortly after my own wedding. As I struggled to find a professional that wouldn’t over apply makeup, I wanted to look and feel like myself. I also found the quotations extortionate. Therefore I saw a gap in the market to offer natural makeup to enhance a brides beauty rather than take over the bride.


What makes your business different?

I would like to think its me? I offer a welcoming yet proffesional  approach to all of my customer. It so important that my clients can relax and trust me; that’s when we get the best results. I have 17 years experience in the beauty industry and nearly all of it has been client facing, and I love to utilise and share my knowledge and techniques to offer my clients the best of the best.  I am pleased that many of my clients are now good friends and our relationship has gone far beyond their time as my client.


What do you love about your job?

I love to be able to give brides confidence and show the best they can be. I find it incredible how such a small selection of products makes the biggest difference to someone’s confidence, and  being part of that transformation is a real privilege to be part of.


What has been your favourite wedding to be involved with and why?

This is such a difficult question.  Every Bride has a piece of me.

I never sleep well the night before as I empathise with the brides and wonder how she is feeling. After I leave the bride and bridesmaids I spend the whole day thinking of them! My thoughts follow them through their day too; ceremony, speeches, first dance etc. My absolute favourite wedding has to be my very first one. It was small and intimate and close to where I live. I had just begun my business and I felt privileged the bride had chosen me and to be able to share her special morning with her. Her mum and I both stood in tears when she put on her dress. Even now, I still feel privileged to be part of the bride’s special day.  

All of my weddings are individual and unique- I never see the same thing twice. The planning and love that goes into each wedding  is immeasurable so picking a favourite is very hard. However my first one was very special to me. It confirmed my path as a professional.

Do you have any predictions for your industry this year? For example trends, colours, styles, ideas etc

Brows continue to dominate the industry and they really do make or break a look. A trainer told me 18 years ago, ‘Would you hang a picture on a wall, without a frame?!’ and that’s stuck with me. You’ll see celebs lightening their brows now in contrast to darkening and thickenings in recent times.

Holly Williams Makeup artist

What are your top three tips for brides?

Exfoliate, moisturise and buy an eye cream! All brides want to look their absolute best on the day and you spend thousands on dresses and accessories so INVEST in your skin. The difference introducing a few products to form a regular routine before the big day is imperative. Your makeup will be so much more flawless and will last much longer without having to over apply products and look heavily made up; never a good look for Brides!


Any other tips, or things you want to tell brides to be?

Hire people that you feel or you can trust or are recommended to you. Then trust them! If someone close to you or another professional regards them highly enough to share them with you, they must be good at what they do.

They will be aware of considerations you won’t even have thought of, because it’s not your job, it’s ours! For me its timings of the morning; I know how much time to allow, when to involve the photographer, communicate with hairdresser etc. They are all things you pay us to worry about to spare yourself, so trust us.


Anything else you would like to share?

That your wedding is your day, but it also means a lot to people near to you. Take the time to enjoy the planning with them and share the load. It’s all such precious time and such wonderful memories to make. Congratulations Bride-to-be, I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for giving your time Holly, and we are extremely excited to announce we will be working with Holly very soon.


To get in touch with Holly to find out about her amazing Makeup services please visit:

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