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Top Tips to Avoid Fake wedding dresses

Top Tips to Avoid Fake wedding dresses

Here at Olivia Louise Bridal we know your wedding is one of the most important & exciting days of your life. There’s lots to consider when creating your perfect day but finding your wedding dress is one of the most important elements.

Just as the internet has changed grocery shopping & listening to music, it has also influenced wedding dress shopping. The web is fantastic for getting ideas and seeing the variety of dresses available. From the comfort of your own home you can research trends, fall in love with designers and  you could even order your gown and have it delivered within days to your door step.

Although online shopping can be convenient and cost saving, it can also cause many problems. Online its easy to become a victim of counterfeiting. There are certainly no guarantees that bargain dress will be genuine & sadly you can be fooled into buying something that is fake.

Following on from our last blog post: Fake Wedding dresses- what’s the score? I wanted to share with you some tips from Online brand protection experts MarkMonitor on how to avoid purchasing a fake wedding dress. Whenever you purchase anything online we advise you to be even more vigilant compared to how you would be in the physical world.  After all, we can’t rely on images anymore.

Top Tips on how to avoid fake wedding dresses

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We all know to ignore too-good-to-be-true prices. However counterfeiters are becoming wiser, realising higher priced goods are less likely to fool the shopper.

How to check

Find out the recommended retail price of the dress & use this as a benchmark. If there is a discount of any significance, even if it’s 10% or 20% do some more research. As a guide our wedding dresses are between £799.00 & £1850.00 when ordered new.

The website

Counterfeiters are experts at making fake websites look genuine

How to check

Look for FAQ’s or About Us section, counterfeiters aren’t as careful with these details

Look for vital information i.e. delivery details, or the address of a company. Any website without an address should cause warning bells to ring!

Return or Privacy Policies

Legitimate companies will make these policies clear to customers

How to check

If the policies are not clear and easy to find, then steer clear!

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The website URL

Counterfeiters will use URL addresses that are similar to brand website addresses but include typo errors or subtle mistakes. Legitimate companies will ensure their URL is correct & up to date.

How to check

Check URL addresses to see if the spelling is 100% correct

If purchasing check the website has ‘https://’ prefix to show it’s secure.

Online marketplaces

Marketplaces can be really confusing when trying to identify counterfeiters. However within the next few months keep your eye open for Bridal Bay- an online marketplace for genuine wedding dresses.

How to check

  1. Check reviews- if mainly positive then the supplier is more likely to be trustworthy,
  2. Check location & avoid purchases from China as these will most likely be fake wedding dresses
  3. If something is advertised as an ex-sample contact the seller and ask for more information
  4. Designers only allow shops to sell ex-sample gowns online, not new dresses. All ex-samples should be described as such.

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Other suppliers

Don’t forget to use these techniques when choosing any supplier. If in doubt, always ask to see previous work, reviews and visit their work address. If you do choose a supplier you should always be provided with some paperwork- whether this is a contract or terms and conditions. No work address- the company may not be genuine.


All genuine suppliers want you to enjoy your wedding day and planning and are here to help.  We want you to love the process of wedding planning, without any upsets or hassles. To guarantee a designer dress, visit Olivia Louise Bridal and have fun choosing your wedding dress. To book your appointment, just click here. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for any sample sales or events!

Stay safe and enjoy your planning.


Gemma xx

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