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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

About Gemma

I wanted to share with you my background and how I came to own Olivia Louise Bridal.

Wedding dresses have always fascinated me as I believe they are the closest most ladies will wear to a couture garment, and therefore they are the most special item a bride will wear. My First Saturday job was working in a bridal boutique, helping brides to be find their perfect dress, the buzz I got from this was unbelievable.  I ended up working there for a good few years, seeing me through college where I studied Business and Finance.

I always wanted to run my own business and the bridal industry seemed the perfect and this is just what I have done and named the shop after my daughter Olivia.


Following the sale of the business I worked in marketing for large and small companies, whilst completing my Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification which enhanced my ability of raising awareness of companies.

Meanwhile I also got married, and recognised many wedding companies did not focus on the customer, instead the process was a money-making venture and nothing else. As a bride myself this dampened my excitement and I realised my passion was actually to revolutionise the wedding dress industry by listening to and focusing on the bride.


Finally, everything fell into place and I was offered a role as a bridal consultant in a bridal boutique. Sadly, the company had to reduce my hours due to managerial changes. After visiting many boutiques which were for sale, I realised I could turn my dream of creating happy memories for brides into a reality by purchasing Bella Brides Ltd and for the past three years I have been working to make the boutique the best possible place for a bride to find her dress.

Love Carrie xxx

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