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All about bridesmaids

All about bridesmaids

A guide to choosing bridesmaids

Getting married is such an exciting time! A time you want to share with the people who mean the world to you- your future spouse, your family and friends, and of course your favourite girls!
Many brides can feel a little confused when choosing bridesmaids (it can be really political)  After all your bridesmaids will be by your side on one of the most important days of your life- so choose wisely. If your feeling overwhelmed by the idea, here are CCBB’s hints and tips for choosing bridesmaids.

1. What does my groom want.

First of all chat with your groom and agree on the size of the bridal party. Some grooms are quite happy for you to arrange and choose your bridal party, whereas others will have ideas and suggestions. Your groom may see the event as more family centric. Or he will be happy for you to just ask your friends. It isn’t a big deal to have different numbers of grooms men and bridesmaids- just be creative with your exit down the aisle.

2. The size of your wedding

Traditionally the number of bridesmaids you have is determined by the size of your wedding. Typically larger weddings have larger numbers with intimate weddings sticking to one or two maids. After all 12 bridesmaids with 50 guests is a little excessive.

3. Your budget

You have chosen your maids because they are extra special and they deserve to feel the best they can on the day. Bridesmaid dresses and alterations need to be included in the wedding budget if you are planning  to pay for the dresses.  With designer gowns on the high street and in bridal boutiques starting at £150.00, five bridesmaid dresses can quickly add up. Normally to find the widest choice of colours you will need to choose from a bridal boutiques. Of course you may be planning on asking girls to pay for their own dresses. In this case it is worthwhile discussing this early on with the girls- you don’t want shocked faces when you collect the gowns.

What about buying online?
Of course you can pick up cheaper dresses in the sales, but please don’t be tempted to buy off the internet. It may seem like a good idea at the time but they will most likely not have the quality and fit of high street or designer bridesmaid dresses. You may fall lucky, but you are more likely to  experience a horror story- dresses not fitting or the wrong colours arriving (and they are best case scenarios!). For more information visit Brides Beware,


4. Will you be friends for 5, 10, or 50 years?

I was once told people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime, and you will most definitely want your bridesmaids to be in your life for hopefully the latter two options. Choose the women or girls who mean the most to you, whether they are family, a friend or the person who is always there for you.

5. Will she be a good bridesmaid?

So you have narrowed down your list but you still have  way too many fabulous ladies to choose from, now is the time to get picky. Being a bridesmaid is lots of fun, but it can also be hard work- arranging hen parties, bridesmaid dress shopping, fittings, and of course lots of late night wedding chats! To narrow down your list consider who will enjoy helping you plan and experience the perfect day. The best bridesmaids are calm, supportive of the wedding and willing to help wherever needed. There is no point in choosing your sister if she is shy and has five jobs- it will just annoy you and also create bad feelings. Ask her to do a reading instead. Suit the person to the role!
choosing bridesmaids from Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique, Droitwich, Worcestershire

6. Don’t feel you have too.

We often here from our lovely brides ‘I had to ask Jane as Jane asked me, but I hardly know or see her’. If someone hints at being a bridesmaid and you would rather not ask them, explain your reasoning. Don’t forget you could always ask them to be involved in another way. No one should expect to be asked- it is your choice and your day.

7. If all else fails less is more (sometimes!)

You may have considered all the options, crossed off some potential maids and still have a list as long as your arm. In this instance why not have family or friends as bridesmaids or one family member & one friend. If you have a huge family instead of asking your five sisters ask their children to be page boys and flower girls. Don’t feel pressured when choosing just select who you want there on the day- if that’s five girls perfect, but if you want a calm and intimate bridal party you could always ask just one fabulous lady.
Just remember your bridesmaids will be there with you all day, so select those you love and want to share the special memories with.
Have fun choosing bridesmaids.
Love Carrie

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