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Fake wedding dresses- what’s the score?

Fake wedding dresses- what’s the score?

We know how exciting getting engaged can be- celebrating with friends & having lots of fun dreaming of your big day. We also know working out the budget & prices of weddings can be overwhelming.

Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique. Styled photoshoot wedding dress, Droitwich


Having a husband who is, lets say careful with money, I understand how it can be tempting to try and save a little here and there, & also how tempting it can be when you see an apparent ‘designer’ dress available with a huge discount

However that cheap designer wedding dress is most likely to be a fake, or a counterfeit garment. Articles online warn against purchasing fake goods but I wanted to show you what purchasing a fake wedding dress could mean for you.

Firstly, you are actually breaking the law when purchasing anything fake. The victim is not just you, it is the designer whose work is being copied. If you love the designers work then support them.

lace wedding dress, Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique, Droitwich

Surely the dress will be exactly the same as the photo?

Photos can be copied and stolen, & when purchasing a fake dress the photos online are not what you will get. The dress is likely to be really different compared to the picture you see & the original gown. The fabric, workmanship and fit will not be as high quality, some fakes have even fallen apart on the wedding day. Designer wedding dresses are created with care and attention to detail- from the proportions to the fabric choice. If you purchase a fake dress you can’t see what you are buying until it has arrived & by then you have paid full price.

Fantastic- I have found the designer gown I tried on yesterday for £250.00 instead of £1299.00- surely it’s worth the risk for the saving

Well more often than not-NO! If you are purchasing from a non UK based company the price you see will not be the price you pay. You will need to pay shipping costs, import duties and insurance in case of any loses.

Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique. Styled photoshoot sparkling chiffon wedding dress, Droitwich

The dress has arrived and I love the dress, so I have managed to save lots of money

Although it may seem like the dress costs less, you are likely to have a higher bill from the seamstress. Most fake wedding dresses are poorly made, and even if they have come in any size close to yours they are likely to need some alterations. The poor quality of these dresses will normally mean you pay more for alterations as it will be harder for the seamstress. Some seamstresses will not alter fake dresses.

But I can return it, can’t I?

This depends on where you have purchased the dress from. IF you can return the item, the return expenses may cost more than the dress. In effect you are paying to ship your dress twice round the world.

On a final note, you deserve better.

As a bride to be, whether you have a budget of £100 or £3000 you deserve a beautiful dress which makes you feel incredible. Whatever your budget there are many options for purchasing a wedding dress, and these are listed below:

  • Purchase a designer dress from a bridal boutique
  • Purchase an ex-sample dress- follow us on Facebook to find out about our ex-sample sales.
  • Shop on the high street
  • Purchase a second hand bridal dress

Any of these will secure your rights as a customer and offer you more peace of mind, compared to purchasing a fake wedding dress. Don’t forget choosing a dress from an independent boutique, such as #CCBB you are also purchasing the support, knowledge and assistance of the consultants. After all it is their name and reputation on the line.

As tempting as it may seem, avoid buying fake wedding dresses at all costs. The potential savings are always outweighed by the risks, and your wedding day look is not worth the sacrifice. To find out how you can identify a fake dress, look out for our next August blog on identifying fake wedding dresses. Do you have any stories about fake wedding dresses?

Here at #CCBB we want you to love the process of wedding planning and I hope this helps.

Love Carrie xxx

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