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How to handle Covid-19

How to handle Covid-19

I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing at this odd time? I still wake up amazed that so much has changed in so little time!

Even if your wedding has not been delayed I understand this is a crazy time and I wanted to share with you some tips on getting through it:

1. Let your emotions flow
In one day I seem to have gone from positive to ready to cry at the smallest thing. I read somewhere that this is all part of the flight and fight mechanism in our brain. As humans faced with danger we would normally run, yet we are being told to do the opposite, either stay home or face the danger as a keyworker. So upside-down topsy turvy emotions are acceptable. Simply let it flow.

2. Exercise
Now I am not telling you to leave the house once a day if you don’t want to, but try and do something that makes you feel good and gets you off your chair. From dancing in the kitchen to going for a walk or practicing yoga takes some time to release those positive emotions.

3. Focus on the positive
I know times are difficult and hard, for the first time ever I have had to close the boutique. But please try and stay positive. This time is one you will not get back so try and use it. Make something for your wedding, finalize the guest list, plan that honeymoon. Make the time count so when life returns at its hectic pace you don’t regret not doing something.

4. Spend some quality time
Through away the phone and do something romantic. Watch that movie you have meant to catch up with, have an inside date night or try and spend some time in the garden. Switch off and have some quality time.

5. Connect
When you are in quarantine the world can seem quite lonely, so take time off social media. Pick up the phone, video call someone or write a letter. Keep your family and friends close and in contact other than via text or social media.

6. Plan something positive
This will end, I promise, so start to plan something amazing. Plan an adventure, a trip to your favorite restaurant,  a spa day or something to look forward too and to remind you that this shall pass. If you are still looking for a bridal gown why not book an appointment for summertime or beyond? Our diaries are still open

7. Be grateful
Whenever you are feeling low take 5 minutes and list everything you are grateful for. Trust me it will make you feel better.

I hope these tips help you at this uncertain time. If you do have any wedding-related questions please get in touch. Although the shop is closed our emails, website and diaries are open.

In the meantime please take care.

Lots of love
Carrie xx

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