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Is your dress wearing you?

Is your dress wearing you?

Here at Olivia Louise Bridal, we absolutely adore helping brides find their perfect dress.

As a dress lover myself, I know how exciting it is when you find a dress with the most intricate detailing and you cannot wait to try it on. You wait in anticipation to see the perfect dress in the changing room. Then you glance round to check it in the mirror and you realise…

… it’s just too much!

Bridal gowns are a one of the kind dress, and it is easy to get swept up with the beautiful laces, sparkle or designs. However it is easy to fall in love with the detail rather than how it looks on you.

For your wedding day it is vital that you still shine through the gown, and your guests don’t just get hit with the beauty of the gown and miss you.

Your wedding dress should reflect who you are, without overtaking you. One of the best pieces of advice I can give to the bride is to make sure they shine the brightest.

How do you know when the dress wears you?

An example of this, is the beautiful dress HRH Duchess of Cambridge wore to the Bond premier recently.

The beautiful Jenny Packham dress was amazing, breathtaking, and just wow! However you saw the dress, not the person. If you look through the other outfits HRH Duchess of Cambridge has worn, including her wedding dress they do not overtake her, yet the gold gown did.

That’s absolutely fine for a premiere. However for your wedding day this isn’t what you want.

How do you make sure you wear the dress and shine through?

  • Go for the dress that makes you smile.
  • Make sure your friends and family see you and love you in the gown, not just the gown
  • If you are petite, stay away from a dress that has everything- lace, sparkle and a princess skirt.
  • Make sure you feel good, no raised shoulders or the sense you are hiding.

Keep the dress that’s just incredible for that fancy night out. Choose the dress that shows you for your wedding day!

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