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Ordering times- Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress order times Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique

Ordering times- Wedding Dresses

Myth vs Fact

Here at CCBB, one of the most common questions we are asked is how long wedding dresses take to arrive, so I wanted to share with you the facts & figures of wedding dress ordering times.

Firstly, everything I am about to tell you is relevant to CCBB & things do differ between boutiques and designers.

Wedding dress order times Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique

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We all know the tale- you decide to get married in 2 years time but suddenly 18 months have passed, and you haven’t even started to look for the dresses yet!

So you pick up the phone, and fill your next fortnight with back to back wedding dress appointments*, you excitedly enter the first shop and mention your wedding is in 6 months time. Looks of shock & horror appear on the consultants face- followed by ‘THIS year?!’. You are then advised you have left it very late and for your dress to arrive anywhere close to the wedding you have to order today, actually order now! Your dreams of looking for the perfect gown suddenly disparate and you urgently search the racks.

* At CCBB we do not recommend filling your fortnight with dress appointments, start with 1 or 2 shops and work from there to save extreme bride to be anger, confusion & exhaustion!

The timescales

There is a difference between pressure selling and the facts of ordering wedding dresses. Here are some of CCBB dress ordering facts:

  • At CCBB most of our dresses are made to order
  • Standard delivery times- from the date you pay your full deposit to your dress arriving in the boutique- are 12-16 weeks
  • You are most likely to need 3 alteration appointments and as you have a life outside of wedding dress fittings it is best to allow 6-8 weeks.
  • This means dresses can take 24 weeks or 6 months(ish) to be ready for you to walk down the aisle.
  • Quicker delivery is sometimes available and this is explained below
  • Of course you can order your dress sooner- up to 2 years in advance (brides do this quite a lot), in this case you can use our free instalment scheme.

I’m getting married sooner- what do I do?

Firstly don’t panic, secondly book to try on some dresses when you can.

Our designers do, in most circumstances offer quicker delivery options with some caveats. Your options for ordering times do depend on your budget and the dress which you choose.

Budget no issue- £2500+

Providing the fabric is available Ivory & Co dresses can be made in as little as 6 weeks. However this is dependent on the availability of the fabric & their production quantities. All quick orders would need to be confirmed by CCBB.

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Mid Range Budget- and a reasonable time (8 weeks or more)- £1500+

Some of our dresses can be ordered with a rush delivery. This typically means a dress can be made within 8-12 weeks for an additional cost. Ordering times & prices vary by designers and would need to be confirmed by CCBB.

Lady Luck is on your side

Most of our designers do keep a small selection of gowns in stock in the US or UK. In stock dresses can be delivered in as little as 2 weeks, however ordering times do vary. The stock dresses change daily, & preferred colours & sizes cannot always be guaranteed.

Alternatively you may be able to buy our sample gown if it is good condition and the sample fits.

Wedding dress photoshoot Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique, Droitwich, Worcestershire

Small Budgets- Less than £400

If you are on a small budget we do have a small selection of ‘ready to go gowns’. Typically these are discontinued gowns who are looking for their perfect bride & these can be taken with you on the same day.

What should I do?

Have a think, work out your budget, your must have’s and your must not’s. Give us a call and we will help as much as we can & help you find the perfect dress for you.

Love Carrie xx


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