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Our top seven tips for wedding fairs

Wedding Fairs

Our top seven tips for wedding fairs

The new year brings new engagements, and lots of wedding fairs. It can seem a little daunting, as every other venue seems to offer a fair, and you may be thinking you won’t have time to plan your big day with all the fairs. Make wedding fairs fun and hassle free with our top tips for wedding fairs!
 wedding fair tips

1. Which fair?

Local fairs are great for meeting local wedding suppliers who can be easier to work with. Often these suppliers are smaller and may be offering great prices.
National wedding fairs are great for getting a flavour of what is available, getting last minute discounts and finding inspiration. If you are looking for luxury products this may be a great place to start. With excellent discounts on offer it is easy to get carried away, try not to unless you are 100% certain of something.
Fairs at your chosen wedding venue. Many venues, such as St Andrew’s Hotel, have recommended suppliers who will exhibit at the venues fairs. These suppliers are tried and tested and used to working with your venue- it’s a great opportunity to meet them.
You can always check who will be attending by looking online.


2. Who to take?

Pick carefully who you want to take with you to fairs. If you can, take your groom- you may meet your perfect supplier and it is much better if you are both there. By all means, take friends and family who are unbiased and have your interests in mind, however we would recommend taking a maximum of 4 guests as less is definitely more.


3. Wear comfortable shoes

You are going to be walking round the fair, and sometimes this can take hours. Wear comfortable flats or trainers to make sure you can enjoy yourself. It’s not the time to try out those new heels.


4. If possible avoid bringing small children.

For little ones, wedding fairs can be boring- remember how you hated going shopping with your Mum? The same applies here. Fairs are a great chance to have a good look at what us available, and you don’t want to worry where little Sam is, or that he has chocolate covered fingers and is just about to touch that white dress!


5. Take a notebook and diary

Throughout the day you will collect lots of leaflets and paperwork, and when you get home it can be really hard to remember which shop sold that lovely peach bridesmaid dress, perfect for your bridesmaids! Take a notebook and jot down your favourite suppliers with any comments. It’s always worth making appointments whilst you are at the fairs, you can always rearrange later on.


6. Pick up the goodies on offer

Suppliers will often give our goodie bags, show offers, or competitions. Collect everything that you can. Enter all of the competitions! Even if you have already planned that part of your day it is worthwhile having a free back up.


7. Special offers

There are often lots of special offers, and it may be worthwhile taking your cards with you in case you wish to make any purchases. Look out for special offers at fairs and if you feel comfortable making the decision, go ahead. If you don’t ask to read the terms and conditions in the refreshment area (you will probably need a cuppa by then!). Good suppliers will understand, and will be happy to give you time to think about it.  Don’t forget you can always book an appointment

We hope you will use these tips for wedding fairs, and find them really useful. What are your top tips for wedding fairs?


We will be exhibiting at….

31st January 2016- St Andrews Hotel, Droitwich
21st Februray 2016- I Will Wedding Fair Hilton, Bromsgrove
17th April 2016- Chauteau Impney, Droitwich
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Love Carrie xx

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