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Top Ten Wedding Planning Tips

Top Ten Wedding Planning Tips

Top Ten Wedding Planning Tips

Just got engaged? Ready to start planning your big day? Hugest Congratulations! What an exciting time. Have fun and celebrate… lots. We wanted to share with you our top ten wedding planning tips to start you off.

Newly engaged ring

1. Tell your family & friends

Your nearest and dearest will want to share this special time with you, so tell them as soon as you can. Visit them and share the news- if you can’t, pick up the phone and let them know. Make sure you tell the important people before you put the fab news on facebook, to save any hurt feelings.

2. Celebrate

It is easy to get swept up quickly with wedding planning, it’s such an exciting time. Take time to celebrate with family, friends and most importantly, as a couple. We think it’s one of the most important to do.

3. Choose your engagement ring

If you have the chance to choose your sparkling accessory, then arrange a date with your beloved to go and choose the special ring. Find out from friends and family, any jewellers or areas that they recommend and start the search there. Always try the ring before making your purchase.

4. Talk to your beloved

Now is the time to ask your beloved whether they have any hopes for the wedding day. Maybe their parents and grandparents have always married at a certain church, or Aunt Mildred is a registrar in disguise! Establish any must haves now, to save later problems.

5. Choose the date

Whether the proposal was a surprise or you have been planning the day for a while, the first major question is ‘when’. Have you got a favourite season or date? If you have a specific date in mind, remember venues can get booked years in advance.

Top ten wedding planning tips

6. Work out the size of your wedding

Do you dream of a huge white wedding or an intimate celebration of your nearest and dearest? Speak to your partner and families before deciding together. Numbers will often impact your budget and choice of venue.

7. Set your budget

We know it isn’t the most fun topic of discussion but if you can establish your budget together and agree on your priorities you can start on the fun bits quicker. Sometimes it is worth looking around before finalising the budget- things may be more expensive or cheaper than you first thought.

8. Choose your bridal team

You may know straight away who you want besides you on your day, or it may be a diplomatic negotiation. Thinking about it this early on means you can include everyone in your plans and you can have their help, ideas and support if wanted.

Top Ten Wedding Planning Tips

9. Look for venues

After asking when, friends and family are sure to ask where. Venues can book up years in advance and its best to start looking around as soon as you have a date and numbers in mind to get the best choice.

10. Be inspired

Getting hooked on wedding inspiration was our favourite part! We can help with this with our blog, facebook, pinterest, instagram and twitter. We love sharing ideas, inspiration and tips with you, like these top ten wedding planning tips. Our dress designer, Stella York, has a fantastic blog too. We have so much to share with you and know you’ll be inspired.

We want to hear from you too- get in touch with your top ten wedding planning tips, ideasor plans. We can’t wait to see them.




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