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Top Tips- Wedding Dress Shopping

Top Tips- Wedding Dress Shopping

Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

We wanted to share with you our top tips for wedding dress shopping, as we know embarking on this exciting journey can seem a little overwhelming. Here at Olivia Louise Bridal we want you to have fun and enjoy the search for your wedding dress & hopefully our top tips for wedding dress shopping will help you!


Be strategic

We know it is so tempting to rush out to every bridal shop within a hundred miles as soon as you get engaged, & try on every dress possible- however believe me when I say this will leave you tired and completely confused! Be strategic about where you shop. Would you prefer one to one appointments or are you happy to share the shop with other brides? Do you want somewhere close to home, or close to the venue? Which boutiques have the styles you like? Hitched and other wedding directories are useful to find bridal boutiques.

Found a designer you love?

Are designers important to you? Some brides to be have their heart set on a particular designer, whereas others just fall in love with a dress. If you do love a particular brand or designer, make sure the bridal boutique stocks the designer as not every boutique has every designer. Find our selection of designers here.


We suggest wearing underwear as close to the underwear you are planning to wear on your wedding day, as this will impact on how the dress sits. Think neutral, and if you wish, shape supporting, A strapless bra is always worth bringing to any appointments to provide support or modesty if needed.

Have an open mind

At Olivia Louise Bridal we always encourage our brides to have fun and try on most styles of wedding dress, after all this is part of the fun of being a bride. Trying on different styles will also help you work out everything you don’t like and you may be surprised at what you fall in love with.

The B word

Be honest about your budget- some brides feel the need to be secretive about their budget, but boutiques can only assist if we know what you need.

Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s all about you.

Be yourself. We know choosing your dress can be overwhelming but try not to get tied to what you ‘ought to wear’- just be you! If you would never dream of wearing a tight fitting dress, then don’t force yourself to wear a low cut fishtail gown. Look at the clothes at home, tell us what makes you feel incredible and we can use this to find your perfect gown.

The W’s

Think about the when, where and what! Where are you getting married and when? What colours are you choosing? What theme are you going for? Are you planning on wearing the dress all day? All of these bits & pieces will influence your wedding dress.

Not just the dress

Remember the accessories- your wedding day look can be completed by your accessories. Use the dress as a canvas, and finish the look with accessories. Add oversized accessories for extra glam, use a belt to add a touch of sparkle on the night, or wrap up in an oversized cashmere cardigan for a relaxed look.

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Relax and enjoy yourself.

Have fun- this is your chance to play dress up and enjoy finding the dress of your dreams. It is as much of a part of your wedding, as the day itself and you will remember it for a long time. Cherish the experience, and use the time to celebrate your style, your body and your personality.

Have you any top tips for wedding dress shopping? If so we would love to hear from you.

Love Gemma xxx

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