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7 Top Tips- Wedding Flowers Top Tips

Blue Wedding bouquet- Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique, Droitwich

7 Top Tips- Wedding Flowers Top Tips

Wedding Flowers- 7 Top tips

Following on from last months wedding blog on flowers we wanted to share with you, wedding flowers top tips from the pro’s.

Table flower Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique

1.Be open minded about colours. 

Flowers are natural beautiful things, and therefore colours cannot be guaranteed. Ask your florist about undertones as these may stand out when paired with other colours. Also don’t rely on photos online- when the photo is edited colours can change.

2. Focus on your bouquet. 

Your bouquet will be in most of your photos- including the ones on the mantelpiece for 50 years! As your main accessory for the day it is vital that you love your bridal bouquet, so don’t skimp if you can afford not too.

Wedding flower decoration Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique

3. Reuse, reuse and reuse.

Design your flowers to allow you to use them for your ceremony and reception. For example have some spare vases at your ceremony to pop your bouquets in to save them being left around or pew ends could become table decorations.

4. Simplify the bridesmaid flowers.

If you are on a budget go for a simple bouquet for your bridesmaids and incorporate one or two elements that match the bridal bouquet.

Blue Wedding bouquet- Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique, Droitwich

5. Have an open mind.

Florists are experts, which is why we use them. When meeting your top three florists, have a chat about your wedding day and see what they suggest- after all you may end up falling in love with a flower you did not know existed.

6. Create a mood board or Pinterest board. 

Mood board or Pinterest boards are a great way to show your florist what you have in mind and what you like. If you are a keen Pinterest-er then share away with your florist, this interactive board will allow you both to be creatively inspired. Check out our pinterest board on bouquets here.

Wedding Flower Inspiration Caroline Clark Bridal Boutique, Droitwich

7. Make it personal. 

Don’t like roses- that’s absolutely fine you don’t have to include them. Your wedding day is about you and your partner’s style and everything should reflect that- from flowers to your outfits! Why not pop a keepsake in with your bouquet, or if fruits, vegetables or succulents work with your vision go for it!

I hope you have enjoyed these wedding flowers top tips and find them useful, we would love to hear about your wedding day top tips, so share away.

Love Carrie


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